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Develop the practical tools and problem-solving skills you need to play
a positive-sum game and create a winning strategy.

This course is for...

CEOs & Entrepreneurs

You're looking to develop the practical
skills to effectively design winning
strategy in a changing world.

Experienced business

You’re eager to level-up your skillset with
transformative tools to take your teams
and businesses to new heights.

Strategy practitioners

As an expert in your field, you’re seeking
to hone your craft with new ways to
leverage and integrate strategy in your work.

1 Day of Visioning with

1 Day of Visioning with

Led by Olivier

in person

Team coaching sessions

leveraging the 360° proprietary assessment method

1-day visioning

Mobilize Senior Executives on Priority Initiatives

1-day High Impact Session

To co-design the solution and engage the action plan

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